Discover 10 Critical Steps To Get Snatched Like Me

Hey sis, my name is Stephanie Hoyte, and I’m super excited to share everything I have learned during my Lipo and TT journey with you. My goal is to give you all the education and resources you need, so you can save time and money, and get the body you desire. 


So whether you’re considering getting your body done, and you just need the no-BS approach to getting that snatched body post-op. Or You already got your surgery done, but
you’re not seeing the results yet, even though you might have been religiously following all that you’ve been told.

This detailed and informative guide will give you guidance on how YOU CAN achieve the results you desire. I’m proud to introduce you to...


Here is what I cover in 10 critical steps to get snatched like me

​Are you finally ready to learn the secrets of Post Op surgery?  You’ll benefit so much by going through this guide. Here is what you will learn in this amazing eBook:

  • Chapter 1: Everything you should know about LIPO and TT 

  • Chapter 2: My LIPO and TT journey

  • Chapter 3: Post OP care for a snatched recovery

  • Chapter 4: After surgery

  • Chapter 5: Next day post OP

  • Chapter 6: 1-month post OP

  • Chapter 7: 2-3 months post OP

  • Chapter 8: Get your mindset right

  • Chapter 9: 4 months post OP till forever

  • Chapter 10: FAQs

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