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5K 90 DAY Mentorship

Let me help you take your business to the next level and be there for you throughout the process.

  • 1 h
  • 10,000 US dollars
  • Appointment Via Zoom

Service Description

In this personalized coaching session, we will work together to develop a tailored strategy specifically for your business. My goal is to enhance your content, revitalize your social media presence, structure your business correctly, explore methods to monetize your platform, and address any mental blocks that may be hindering your full potential in your business. During our Zoom call, we will follow an agenda designed to maximize our time and focus on your needs, and go over steps to enhance your business structure and drive revenue. Here's an overview of what we will cover: 1. Discussing Your Goals and Core Values: We will start by understanding your objectives and the values that drive your business. 2. Identifying Your Niche: I will assist you in pinpointing your target audience and finding your unique position in the market. 3. Define Business Goals: Clearly outline your objectives and core values to create a strong foundation for growth. 4. Identify Target Market: Find your ideal audience and niche to create content that resonates and drives engagement. 5. Evaluate Business Structure: Review and improve your products, pricing, customer experience, and operational processes. 6. Develop Content Strategy: Create a strategy aligned with your goals to showcase products/services, highlight testimonials, and offer promotions. 7. Utilize Social Media Advertising: Use targeted ads to expand reach and generate leads, maximizing your return on investment By the end of our training, you will have clear steps to elevate your content, effective strategies for your business, and insights on monetizing your platforms to generate revenue. Whether you are a business owner, a brand, or just starting out, I am here to support you as your business coach. Throughout our collaboration, you can expect honest and candid advice as we apply the strategies we discuss. Here's why you should choose me: - I have a combined following of over 250K+ on various platforms. Taught over 1000 students about business. Grew my business to 7 figures in 2 year Spoke at over 10 events and taught business Classes for my mentor Mz Skittlez, Mr Zo the goat, as well as collaborated with influencers such as Natalie Nicole, Stormi,Fancy Cash,Coach Cortney,Mr Precise,Mr PowerTalk and much more. We will meet once a month in person at my store (traveling expense at your cost). and via zoom for 1 hr once a week For 90 days.

Contact Details

  • Florida, USA

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